Frequently Asked Questions

Do all workers have DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks before being employed?

All workers are DBS checked before being employed. This is an enhanced criminal records check that will reveal anything in the person’s background including police cautions.

Do you provide induction training for staff?

We have a comprehensive induction programme which includes a work pack for staff to take away which has questions for them to answer to show that they have understood the training.

What does the induction cover?

The induction covers the mandatory training in Manual Handling and Lifting, First Aid and Health and Safety. The training, also, includes Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Dementia,  Infection Control, Food Hygiene, Medication, Palliative Care and Nutrition.

Is the training involving staff doing tasks rather than just watching videos?

We have our own trainer who will get the staff to carry out tasks and will make sure that staff have understood the training. We are able to keep our staff up-to-date as we can run training whenever needed.

What qualifications does the person doing the training have?

Our trainer is trained as a trainer in lifelong learning and will be updated each year in the latest thinking and techniques.

What is the recruitment process that all workers go through?

We interview all carers face-to-face before allowing them to apply for any job. Once the application is filled in we check for any discrepancies and ask them to explain any gaps in employment. From the interview we do an assessment of their fitness for the role; if they pass that stage we then apply for two references and start the CRB process. Once we have two satisfactory references and an enhanced CRB we then proceed to employ.

Are open references accepted?

We do not accept open references as we must have a name to ask for the reference from and we must apply for that reference. We can then follow up with a telephone call to check that there is no discrepancy between what is written and what is said.

Are carers allowed to take clients out in the carer’s car?

Yes, we check that carer’s have business insurance to drive the car and that they have a clean driving licence.

Can carer’s drive the client’s car?

This is down to whether the clients wishes this and has the correct insurance cover in place to allow the carer to drive the car. We cannot be held responsible for the condition of the car or any accident caused by the carer.

How do clients contact the agency out of hours?

We have a 24/7 answer service.

How is last minute sickness dealt with?

We will endeavour to get another carer to cover the carer that has gone sick as soon as is practical. We can, also, get someone from the office to cover if necessary.

How does the organisation monitor the service provided?

We have an on-going assessment; carers can feedback on a daily basis if they have any concerns this will, also, be noted in the house diary so that other agencies/family members are aware of what is going on. Family members/medical staff will be immediately informed if the matter raised warrants this.

Management will make regular visits to the client to check that all is alright and staff will be visited while on the job to check that they are carrying out their duties correctly.

Clients will be given questionnaires to feedback comments on the service they are receiving.

How do clients complain about the service?

In the documents we give out to the client we have a clear procedure on making complaints. Clients should not hesitate in picking up the phone and contacting management with any concerns or complaints. We will endeavour to deal with any complaints as quickly as possible depending on the nature of the complaint. If the complaint is an internal one we will get an answer back to you on how it will be resolved within 10 working days.

Can the organisation recommend any equipment to use?

We recommend that equipment requirements be discussed with an Occupational Therapist or other relevant professional.

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