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Supporting a Person With Dementia at Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time for many – but when you are caring for someone with dementia there is even more to consider. We cover some top tips to help your Christmas go smoothly.

Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs for The Elderly

Dark Chocolate and flowers

There are many studies online that provide different nutritional guidance when it comes to improving and maintaining the health and general wellbeing of the elderly. As it is Easter, we wanted to draw your attention to particular good news about Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolate for some people may be considered as a lavish and indulgent […]

Nutrition for the elderly – what you need to know

As we age, our bodies’ nutritional needs change. However, change doesn’t have to be bad, nor does it have to mean surviving on soft, bland food or boiled cabbage! Everycare Winchester know to how to provide the best care for you, but when it comes to nutrition, do you know how to best care for […]

Day Centres And Clubs To Help Elderly To Stay Independent

In Bishops Waltham a new Age Concern building is being built. This will not only create new local jobs but it will also help to provide somewhere for elderly people to go and socialise with one and other. This is because half of the building will serve as a day centre, providing a place to […]

Are Medications Having A Harmful Impact On The Elderly?

It is likely that elderly individuals will be taking a wide variety of medications in order to stay healthy and active, however it is possible for these drugs to have an adverse effect on an individual’s health in the long term. Did you know: • Taking a variety of medications can have an impact on […]

How Dangerous Is Cold Weather For The Elderly?

With the cold weather fast approaching, it becomes even more important to ensure that elderly individuals are safe and healthy. Did you know: • There were approximately 21,700 deaths in individuals aged 65 or over lasts winter • Far fewer elderly individuals die in countries with lower temperatures because they take the right precautions • […]

How Can Maintaining An Active Lifestyle Benefit The Elderly?

Population level studies have shown that people who exercise enjoy a higher quality of life and improved health status compared with those with sedentary behaviours, with subsequent reductions in their risk of admission to hospital. Maintaining an active lifestyle is important for us all, did you know: • 23.1% of individuals between the ages of […]

Is Mobilising Becoming More Difficult For The Elderly?

Mobility is problem for many people, did you know that: • In the UK 18% of individuals, aged between, 50 and 64 years have problems with mobility, that is a staggering 1.8 million people in England and Wales • There are estimated to be 11 million people with a disability, around 20% of the population. […]

Are Elderly Individual’s Receiving Enough Support At Home?

At present in the UK, as with much of the Western World, there is an ageing population, the knock on effect of this is a much greater level of pressure on both the Health and Social Care sector, as well as individuals family members. Currently in the UK there are over 10.5 million older people, […]

Is The Flu Affecting More Elderly Individuals?

With the colder weather fast approaching, the likelihood of contracting the flu virus increases. The flu virus can simply be a minor inconvenience for most individuals, that may cause them to feel ill and run down, whereas in the cases of vulnerable groups of people (e.g. the young, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions […]

Are Elderly Individuals Suffering From More Memory Problems?

As we get older there may be a greater possibility of our memory declining, making it more difficult to remember things. This can have a major impact on daily life. This can be a result of a number of different conditions, however there are many ways in which an individual can be supported if they […]

How Is Arthritis Affecting The Elderly?

Arthritis is becoming a much more common ailment in the UK and you may be surprised to know that there are over 100 types of the condition. It is estimated that there are currently 10 million people suffering from the condition within the UK, and it is becoming more common in individuals of all ages. […]

Are Respiratory Diseases In The Elderly Becoming More Prevalent?

The number of elderly individuals suffering from some form of chronic disease is growing ever higher. While chronic cardiovascular diseases are the most common types of chronic diseases, as well as being the most expensive to treat, diseases of the respiratory also rank highly with collected data showing that 14% of the elderly population in […]

How Dangerous Is The Hot Weather For The Elderly?

In France in 2003 is was reported that a heat wave caused over 11,000 deaths mainly amongst the elderly. People should not under estimate the effect hot weather can have, the average death rate per annum is around 450 in the USA and around 250 in the UK. These deaths are generally avoidable with the […]

Can Joint Replacements Keep The Elderly Active For Longer?

Joint replacement, though starting early, became available more generally in the 1960s with hip replacements followed by knee replacements. Ankle and shoulder replacements are now available. Due to increases in the elderly population and improvements in surgical procedures the number of joint replacements has been increasing massively and is set to carry on increasing. It […]

Could Poor Diet Be Causing Health Problems In The Elderly?

Diet plays a significant factor in daily life for everyone, this is because dietary choices can have a huge impact on our overall health and well-being. As we age it becomes increasingly important to watch what we eat in order to ensure that we are getting all of the nutrients that we need as is […]

Could The Elderly Be At High Risk Of Poor Heart Health?

Do you know how healthy your heart is? As people age it is important that they know about the health of their heart, Cardiovascular Disease is the biggest killer in the UK with 180,000 deaths recorded in 2010 and in the USA the figure is around 370,000. The biggest increase comes once people are over […]

Poor Eyesight Causing Falls Among The Elderly

Those of us in the prime of life know what is like to experience deterioration in eyesight but vanity or denial can often put us off from dealing with the problem. Eyesight can change quite quickly and opticians (also known as an ophthalmic practitioner) recommend that our eyesight should be checked, as a minimum, every […]

Reablement To Maintain Independent Living At Home

What is Reablement? Reablement is for people who have disabilities, and those who are frail or recovering from a period of illness or injury. It is designed to help people to regain the ability to undertake activities that they would normally do such as cooking and cleaning. Reablement is beneficial as it helps individuals to […]