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Live in Care

24 Hour Live-in Home Care

The Everycare 24 hour live in home care service. 

Everycare provides a flexible live-in care service (24 hour care service) across the UK allowing you the very best lifestyle choices in your own home.

Whether it is making decisions with regard to your daily meals, undertaking your favourite pastimes or watching your favourite TV programmes on television, the Everycare live in care service will ensure that you have full support to take care of your specific home care requirements

The Everycare live in care service provides the following advantages:

  • Allows an individual to remain in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home
  •    Ensures you can continue your favourite activities at home
  •    A lifestyle option that compares favourably with the cost of residential home care
  •    Benefits of one to one care allow you to build personal relationships with your carer.
  •    Our live in care service is available on a short term or long term live in basis
  •    Our live in care service can be provided at very short notice.


If you are interested in finding out more about our live in home care services please contact your local Everycare regional office .

Our Service

Around the Clock Care for You or Your Loved Ones

When a person gets to a point where they may socially isolated or struggling with more than daily living task, you may be considering putting them into residential care.

Rather than the upheaval of moving home an alternative is Live in Care.

A carer that lives in your home or the home of your relative can get to know them well and ensure all their daily living requirements are met. The carer can, also, take them out to places they wish to visit.

The service is flexible to meet your or your loved ones requirements.

Want to keep active?

We give support that enables you to carry on living the best life you can.

Who We Are

A Local Care Company delivering care that focuses on your needs

When having care at home it important that you get the care that puts you at the centre and delivers the outcomes you want. A Care Plan is created that delivers on your requirements.

Why Choose Us

We Take Care All Your Needs

We have experienced staff that know how to deliver care that gives you a better life and the security you need to carry on living in your own home. We ensure that you are getting properly fed and being kept hydrated and encouraging you to stay as active as possible.