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Having dementia doesn’t mean staying stuck at home watching a changing world go by.

You can still go out and enjoy all the things you love. Keeping active both physically and mentally will help your dementia and improve your well-being.

If you are caring for someone who has dementia then you can do it together and make some quality time together.

Activities may take longer than they used to as the dementia progresses especially if it’s a new activity but it’s still worth making the effort.

What community activities are good for people with dementia?

Outside activities

During the warmer months its so nice to be outside, but finding small activities to do can be hard to think about, obviously you can take a walk, but going to the park watching the dogs or feeding the birds can make the walk more fulfilling.

Gardening -make up little pots with flowers or veg and tending to them can give someone with dementia purpose and they feel useful, plus they also get to enjoy watching things grow.

Sweeping paths or raking leaves is a simple activity that can be therapeutic, gives a little exercise and plenty of fresh air.

Set up a picnic on the grass and enjoy the sandwiches that they have helped make.

Visiting a beach, building a sand castle and eating an ice cream looking out to sea, is a lovely warmer weather outing.

Inside activities

Listening to music is always a great activity for someone with dementia – especially their favourite songs.

Baking a cake or making biscuits.

Making models from playdoh or painting, art is a good way for someone with dementia to express themselves.

Play a game, dominos, cards or even chess whatever their favourite game may be, its about the interaction, maybe even doing a jigsaw puzzle – this is something they can come back to bit by bit.

Read a book – reading a book to them if they are unable to read it for themselves or even put on an audible book.

Activities for the later stages of dementia

When people are in the later stages with dementia they can still engage with activities.

However, the activities should be simple and focus on the senses like -sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.

Playing music, having objects to touch and interact with can all help someone with dementia, these can be simple items that are easy to hold, something like a stress ball or a soft cloth. A hand massage is a relaxing sensory activity for both the person with dementia and the carer.

Featured image by gpointstudio on Freepik