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Everycare Central Hants has had a busy year, we have said hello to so many and goodbye to a few.

We successfully took over the local branch of Melody care at the beginning of the year, they had been struggling to get the clients and their carers as a result, weren’t getting enough work. We took their clients on as Everycare clients and employed their carers.  We really enjoyed getting to know all of them and there are some really great characters. We successfully integrated all the clients into our carers runs.

May was the time of The Coronation for King Charles – Many of our much older clients remember the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, whilst for some it was their first experience of a Coronation and what a great occasion it was. Lots of our clients attended Tea Parties and street parties to celebrate. For those that couldn’t get out, many of our live-in carers brought the celebration to them. They had bunting up and a tea party in their own homes, some even sat waving their flags.

We spent much time in 2023 connecting with other professionals in the community – in doing this it makes it easier to help our clients access provisions, clubs, social events but also to get quicker Occupational Therapy provisions and professional services if they qualify.

We had a great opportunity this year to take part in a music/car festival, CarFrest and promote Everycare and our services. To maximise our audience, we joined forces with Elder Life Fitness – they are a small local company that promote fitness for the older generation. During CarFest they did demonstrations of easy exercises, some from a chair to help the elderly stay active and keep their muscles working, in doing this it improves circulation. CarFest was not only great fun but a good advertisement to a wider audience of Everycare and gives people an understanding that care in later life doesn’t mean a care home as the only option.

Another of the highlights of this year was our office move – we had been in Winnall, Winchester for some time and tucked well into the industrial estate, the views were non-existent, it was very busy and so many lorries didn’t make for an easy commute. We found a lovely building in Sutton Scotney and moved in there. The views are much better than we were used too, the village is lovely and the locals are friendly, we now have the room to be more productive and we will enjoy having more carers in for training.

2023 continued with Everycare growing. Our reputation as a long-standing care company in the local area does appeal to many as they feel secure and assured that they won’t be left without care one day. Added with the fact we employ great friendly carers, it gives Everycare a family feel.

We have said goodbye to a few carers that have moved onto pastures new and welcomed many new carers, as the business has grown we have recruited many great carers, which means we can grow the business further.

Everycare has lost a few clients this year and they are greatly missed and we remember them at this time of the year – we also send our love to their loved ones at Christmas as there will be an empty chair at their table.

We want to wish All our clients and their family members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to 2024.