Finding the right balance between support and personal autonomy for older adults living alone can be difficult. Ensuring that they are safe and can get the assistance they need, when they need it, without encroaching on their day-to-day life, is a process that many families face, trying various approaches that don’t completely work.

This is where the Beanbag Care system can help.

Helping you live independently, whilst ensuring complete peace of mind

Developed by Secure Meters, the Beanbag Care system allows older adults to live their lives free from intrusion, but provides peace of mind to their relatives that they are safe and have access to support as and when they need it.

Discreetly installed into a person’s home, the Beanbag Care system monitors for more obvious concerns, like trips and falls, but also more subtle changes in environment that could indicate a change in wellbeing, such as:

  • sleeping patterns,
  • home temperature and humidity and,
  • carbon monoxide levels.

Instant alerts, prompt action

The Beanbag Care system monitors these factors 24/7 and immediately triggers an alert system if a change is detected.

Once the alarm is triggered, a family member is notified, but if it isn’t responded to within a certain timeframe, it then enters an escalation process, whereby an around-the-clock monitoring centre is notified and can appoint the emergency services, if necessary.

At £149 + VAT per month, the Beanbag Care system is a cost-effective solution for older adults that still want to live at home, helping them live there safely for longer, but reducing the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Contact us today to find out more about how the Beanbag Care system can help you or your loved one today. Alternatively, download our brochure.